Hashtag News

Please see some of the work our clients have been involved in:

Holly L as Princess Leia

February 2019 Great job Holly – you look amazing!

Oria-Sola A for Pepa & Co

March 2019 Looking beautiful Oria-Sola A

Leo A for Pepa & Co

March 2019 Looking super cute Leo!

Nile B for BBC Comic Relief 2019

February 2019 Love this Nile!

Michael P, KyL and Ocean T all filmed for tv show Kids Know Best

February 2019 Well done Michael great shot!

Breeze A for Smart Energy TVC

January 2019 Who wouldn’t want a fluffy Rainbow Unicorn Breeze?

Lois F for Ikea 'Party Tricks' TVC

January 2019 How fab is this – great first job Lois!

Daisy S and Pepper S Chris Pratt Junket for Lego Movie 2

January 2019 Another cheeky interview from this duo – well done!

Oria-Sola A for Andreya Triana Music Video

January 2019 Well done Oria-Sola this is brilliant!

Tess H for Macmillan TVC

     January 2019 Well done Tess H worthwhile cause too! 

Harrison M and Colby Y for Kite Clothing

     January 2019 Such a great shot of our lads! 

Grace H and Charlie P for Vtech

     January 2019 Well done Grace and Charlie we love this!

Harrison M for Kite Clothing

     January 2019 Love this London look top Harrison!

Arianna M for Kite Clothing

     January 2019 Lovely Arianna M so adorable!

Charlie M for Kite Clothing

     January 2019 How cute is Charlie M in his dungarees! Love it!

Kyrelle L for Trader Quarters Showhome

     December 2018 Loving this Ky well done!

Austin G for Lidl Christmas

     December 2018 Austin had great fun on this shoot!

Daisy and Pepper S for Mary Poppin's Junket

     December 2018 Our Daisy and Pepper S had a fantastic time interviewing Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda for Lad’s Bible 

Holly L (and her parents) for this wonderful EBay tvc

     November 2018 Holly and her parents had a fun shoot and afterwards they even saw themselves on the big screen in Piccadilly Circus!

Lola P for Edeka TVC

     November 2018 Filming in Greece and Germany with her ‘screen’ dad – a fantastic job well done!

Shakira F filmed for BBC Oneness Promo

     November 2018 Mum said the crew were so lovely with Shakira and the shoot was lots of fun!

Hope I for Asda Halloween

     October 2018 Our Hope I is this gorgeous cat for Asda Halloween Stills – so cute!

Harvey C joins Devils

     September 2018 Harvey C has joined the cast of TV Series The Devils 

Pepper S starring role in Littlewood's Ringmaster tvc

     September 2018 Pepper is brilliant playing the Ringmaster! Great job!

Terri M for Vodafone

     September 2018 Terri had a great time filming with one of her idols! Great job!

Siahra E for Sainsburys Christmas

     September 2018 Well done Siahra amazing job!

Ellila W and Tobias C for 'unboxed' Vtech

     September 2018 First time filming and kids smashed it – well done!

Myles G joins Tina Turner the Musical

     August 2018 Myles has joined Tina Turner in the West End! Superb!

Charlie M for Kite Clothing

     August 2018 How cute does Charlie look in his first stills shoot! Amazing!

Katie B for Kite Clothing

     August 2018 Another fantastic clothing shoot for our model Katie!

Pebbles and Poppie P in film Vivian

     August 2018 The twins had a great time filming and we can’t wait to see it!

Behind the scenes: Perola and Luana DC and Amelia and Jake R for Sky Sports tvc

     July 2018 All the kids had great fun filming this advert! Can you spot them?

Emily N stills shoot for Calpol

     July 2018 Emily N looks amazing in this photo don’t you think? 

Ben D appears as the younger boxer in this BT Heros tvc

     July 2018 Ben said he had great fun in his first advert! Well done!

Jonathan Grist appears in Trojan Woman in London theatre

     July 2018 Adult Jonathan Grist played the role of Talthybius in this show

Calum H and Dylan C for Pearson's Educational BTS

     July 2018 BTS of Calum and Dylan enjoying the shoot!

Ruby S stills shoot for Retro

     July 2018 Ruby S looks great in this Retro shoot on the beach!

Our 16+ Lee Mountjoy workshop attendees

     June 2018 Our first casting workshop was a great success!

Coby Y for Kite FIFA World Cup Promo

     June 2018 Part of a model shoot Coby did recently – love this shot well done!

Price Family for Boat Show promo

     June 2018 One of several amazing images the family did for the Boat Show!

Cole and Corey H star in this Hovis 'Good Today Good Always' advert

     June 2018 Our cheeky twins in the back of the car with ‘grandad’ well done lads!

Perola DC in Transport for London 'Air we Breathe' advert

     June 2018 Perola DC pops up several times in this – spot her playing football ! Another great job!

Lauren F in Upgrade faces tvc for Virgin

     May 2018 Adult Lauren F opens this advert with her wonderful smile – well done Lauren!

Cole and Corey interviewing Ryan Reynolds and Rob Delaney

     May 2018 Another fabulous interview by Cole and Corey – laugh a minute!

Lewis C in Harbour park tvc

     April 2018 How much fun is this advert – well done Lewis!

Twins Abigail and Emila, and mum and dad, filmed for Barclaycard.

     April 2018 This is such a brilliant concept .. made us laugh..well done girls!

Dylan C is currently filming a role in film A Man, a Boy and a Kite

     April 2018 Dylan had a brilliant time filming, more details to follow…

Autumn G at the premiere of Film Elle

     April 2018 Autumn enjoying the red carpet treatment at London Independent Film!

Lewis C filmed a commercial for Harbour Park

     April 2018 BTS shot of Lewis filming – looks like he’s having fun!

Annabel K was asked to write a blog for Youth Music Theatre UK

     April 2018 Well done Annabel great blog – inspiring 🙂 

Cole H for BBC Sport's Relief

     March 2018 Cole had a fantastic fun shoot with Jaime Vardy and John Bishop

Oria-Sola A has recently filmed a lovely advert for Triumph

     March 2018 This is beautiful Oria-Sola behind the scenes on route to her shoot.

Pepper S for Market Gates Shopping Centre Stills

     March 2018 How gorgeous does Pepper look – love the bright colours!

Perola DC for Vodafone International Women's Day advert

     March 2018 Perola had a fantastic day filming this advert – raising awareness well done!

Lewis C has recentyl filmed a music video called Immortal

     February 2018 Lewis had a great fun day shooting this music video – well done!

Raphael J has been playing the role of Tam in Miss Saigon

     February 2018 Raphael has been having a great time playing the role of Tam at The Mayflower Theatre, Southampton,

Eliza and Layla M star in What Would your Kid do? for ITV

     February 2018 What did they choose the cuddly tigers or the holiday?  – well done girls!

Cole and Corey H star in What Would your Kid do? for ITV

     February 2018 The twins had a laugh  filming this and we think they were brilliant – well done boys!

Abi and Emilia B star in What Would your Kid do? for ITV

     February 2018 The twins had great fun filming this and we think they were amazing – well done girls!

Mum Letita and baby Bryson L star in this Petite Planet Campaign

     February 2018 How gorgeous are Letitia and her adorable baby Bryson in this new range of products for J&J

Thea A has been offered a role in Peace in our Time feature film

     January 2018 Well done Thea we know you will be brilliant in this – we can’t wait to see it!

Tori R has been playing the roles of Alice and Hortensia in Matilda in the West End, London.

     January 2018 Well done Tori – a year in Matilda and loving it! You are amazing!

Holly L stars in this Birdseye and Iglo advert

     January 2018 Holly had a fun time shooting this advert – doesn’t she look good – well done!!

Katie B in Ward and Partners Estate Agency advert

     January 2018 Our delightful Katie B was well looked after and had a lovely  day shooting this advert.

Alex B and Isabelle B for Joie

     January 2018 This published photo shows how much fun Alex and Isabelle had on this shoot – well done we love it!

Lucie W Modelling for Rosie and leo

     January 2018 Our gorgeous little Lucie W had a lovely day modelling for this new clothing brand 

Freya A and Lola P star in Scrooge the Musical

     December 2017  Two of our Starcast members had a great time on stage performing in Scrooge. Well done girls! 

Emily D has done a 2 day stint filming for a UEFA promo

     December 2017 Emily had a fab shoot and we can’t wait to see the finished campaign. Well done!

Kyrelle L in Tesco carousel Potty Train Emmi

     December 2017 Kyrelle L had a brilliant time on this shoot for Tescos. Fab job K!

Elf twins Cole and Corey had too much fun interviewing Will Ferrell and Mark Whalberg for their movie Daddy's Home 2

     December 2017 Cole and Corey are becoming pro presenters!

Little Zara W is a tester in this lovely Thomas ride on train advert

     December 2017 How adorable is this lovely Thomas Ride on toy advert 

Our adorable sisters Holly and Charlotte L are the stars in this House of Fraser Christmas advert.

     November 2017 How amazing is this advert – well done girls  true superstars!

Our lovely Paige A stars as Rae in this lovely Star Wars dressing up advert

     November 2017 Paige had a great time dressing up as Rae – we love this!

Our lovely little Mollie W stars in this NSCPC Christmas advert

     November 2017 This is Mollie’s first advert and she plays the little sister – great job Mollie!

Kyrelle L and Saraya S have starring roles in this Thomas advert

     November 2017 Kyrelle and Saraya had a great time filming this Thomas and Friend’s Superstation advert 

Parker and Erin T feature in this lovely Christmas Ideal World Advert

     October 2017 Parker and Erin had great fun filming this Christmas advert in early October!

Cole and Corey H interview Gerard Butler

     October 2017 The boys are the stars in this interview for Lad Bible! 

Kyrelle L for Ikea 'wonderful life'

     October 2017 Kyrelle L flew to Prague to star in this Ikea advert 

Cameron D filmed a lead supporting role for new feature film Zero

     October 2017 Cameron spent several weeks filming his role of Tol. This is him BTS getting ready!

Ellis C and Danny M filmed this music video for Two Penny Blue

     October 2017 Ellis and Danny were schoolkids in this music video ‘Bus’ looks good lads!

Corey and Cole H for Asda

     September 2017 Cole and Corey H feature in this Asda Advert – love their outfits!

Mac G for Disney's Lion King toy TVC

     September 2017 Mac G had a great time filming this lovely toy advert!

Kyrelle L for Very TVC

     September 2017 Our Kyrelle L is featured in this new advert for VERY. Well done Kyrelle an amazing job!

Riley W for Uber TVC

     August 2017 Our Riley W is the blond boy in the supermarket – great job Riley!

Blake SG in Vtech Fire Airport TVC

     July 2017 Our little Blake SG is the hero in this Vtech Fire Airport advert toot toot… well done Blake amazing job!

Berger Family for Acorn Properties TVC

     July 2017 Our lovely Berger family spent a day filming in beautiful Somerset for Acorn Properties

Harrison L in Music Video For Tom Rosenthal

     July 2017 Our Harrison L had lots of fun filming this music video for Tom Rosenthal

Riley W in McDonald's Happy Dance TVC

     July 2017 Riley W is one of the footballers in this lovely Happy Dance tvc for McDonalds – we love this well done Riley!

Ahmad A and Matthew C in Cbebbies Friendship promo

June 2017 Ahmad and Matthew had a fun time filming this Cbeebies advert called ‘Everyone’s Welcome’. Well done lads!

Ella C and Lucie W modelling the latest Buggies range

June 2017 Ella C and Lucie W looking so adorable for this modelling shoot!  


Katie B for Kite Clothing

Some of our clients:
• 13 the Musical
• Acorn
• Adjust your set
• Agile Films
• A Man, a boy and a Kite (short film)
• Angel and Rocket
• Aptimal
• ASDA Halloween stills
• Barclaycard
• BBC Comic Relief
• BBC Sport’s Relief
• Beast (Feature film)
• Behind Closed Doors (film)
• Birdseye
• Black Mirror (TV series)
• Bournemouth Arts University
• BraveSpark Media
• British Airways
• BT Sport ‘Take them on’
• Buggies
• Buzzfeed
• Call The Midwife
• Calpol
• Cbeebies promo
• Charlotte Walker (editorial stills)
• Childsplay
• Coasts (Music Video)
• Co-Op Supermarket
• Corinne Walker (editorial stills)
• Department for International Trade Video Campaign
• Department for Transport
• Disney Star Wars TVC
• Disney 90th Celebrations tvc
• DoodleDo
• Elle (short film)
• Eunice (Film)
• FG4 Clothing
• Flair
• Gloria (short film)
• Groupon
• Happy Birthday you Loser (Short film)
• Harbour Park
• Harry Potter Studio Tour
• Hercules and Love Affair (Music Video)
• House of Fraser Christmas
• Housing short film for Army
• Hymans
• Ikea
• Johnson and Johnson
• Joie
• Jojo Maman Stills
• Just dresses
• Kings Fashion London
• Kite Clothing AW2016
• Kite Clothing SS2017
• Kite Clothing AW2017
• Kite Clothing SS2018
• Kite Clothing World Cup Football promo 2018
• Kite Clothing AW2018
• Iconoclast
• Iglo
• Immortal Music Video
• Lad Bible
• Lake Erie (Netflix series)
• Lidl
• Lionsguard
• Littlewoods
• LLoyds Bank
• Marks and Spencer’s
• Match of the Day promo
• Matilda the Musical (West End)
• Mattel
• McDonalds
• McMillan
• Mercedes
• Miss Saigon (stage)
• Most Haunted (TV promo)
• Mr Frosty Ice Cream maker
• Mr Giggles’ Rainy Day (Short film)
• Murder Maps (TV)
• National Geographic
• National Youth Theatre
• NetSuite Software
• No Added Sugar
• Northern Adoption Service
• NSPCC Campaign
• Nurofen
• Obi (German Company)
• Pampers
• Paragon
• Peace in our Time (feature film)
• Pearson’s Educational Campaign
• Penguin
• Pepa &Co
• Peppa Pig TVC
• Persil TVC
• Petite Planet
• Pet Squeaks
• Phillips
• Puffin Books
• Quarter Traders
• Red Balloon
• Red Crayon (film)
• Red Creative
• Red Wing (short film)
• Relatively Speaking (stage)
• Richmond Sausages
• Rosie and Leo Clothing
• Rubie Dressing up Clothing
• Sainsburys Christmas Campaign 2018
• Sam Fender Music video
• Scrooge
• Sky
• Sky Sports Stills
• Sky Sports TVC ‘Take your seat’
• Southampton Boat Show
• Spotlight
• Sprinkle Magazine
• Star Wars dress up
• Stray Bear Films
• Step Forward
• Sunpat
• Sutton Council Abuse Campaign
• Swiffer mop
• Tescos
• The Wild Reality
• Thomas and Friends Bedtime
• Thomas and Friends Friendship
• Thomas and Friends Superstation
• Tina Turner The Musical West End
• Tom Rosenthal (music video)
• Transport for London Stills Campaign
• Transport for London ‘Air that I Breathe’ campaign
• Trojan Women (stage)
• Two Penny Blue Music Video
• Uber
• Very
• Virgin Holidays ‘upgrade’ campaign
• Vitality
• Vivian (short film)
• Vodafone
• Vtech Unboxing
• Ward and Partner Estate Agents
• What Would Your kid do? ITV
• Wickes
• Zero Feature film (aka To Kill a Witch)

June 2017 Katie loved this fun sunny modelling shoot!  


Cole H BBC Match of the Day Ident

June 2017 Cole H filmed an ident for BBC Match of the Day. Here he is with some of the crew!

Kyrelle L has a featured role in tv series Black Mirror

May 2017 Kyrelle L and his parents filmed featured roles for the TV Series Black Mirror.

William M and Melissa G for Narnia Editorial Corienne Walker

April 2017 Both kids had fun shooting this editorial on location in Dorset 

Autumn G stars in this LLoyd's bank TVC 'By Your Side'

     January 2017 Autumn G as the Farmer’s daughter watching the black horse gallop pass in this Lloyd’s Bank TVC.

Paige A stars as the daughter in this Groupon advert

     November 2016 Paige is fantastic in this Christmas Groupon advert – mum said she had a fab day shooting!

Twins Milly and Isabelle B model for Angel and Rocket

   July 2016 how cute are these two – mum says they were smiling all day!

Matthew C hero for Swiffer Commercial

     July 2016 Matthew and dad got to film in Spain for this fun advert

Leo C modelling for Doodle do Clothing

     June 2016 We love this photo of Leo for Doodle-Do – well done!

Co-Op Supermarket TVC Food the Co-Op way!

     June 2016 We had many clients film this lovely Co-Op TVC – Pepper and Bevan, Kyrelle and Letitia, Benbrook Family and Amelia M. 

Friendship lasts a lifetime Thomas and Friends TVC

     June 2016 Sam and Mac G, Cameron D, Isaiah MT, Lewis C, Noah D, Ben H and Enobong B all filmed this lovely Thomas TVC

Childsplay Clothing The Preview AW2016

     April 2016 Several of our young stars April L, Lyllia R, and twins Thomas and Theo shot for this preview 

Leo C modelling for Kite Clothing

     April 2016 Leo C was an absolute star on this shoot! How cute!